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Morris Adjmi Cobble Hill Houses Approved By Landmarks

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted this morning to approve plans for a Morris Adjmi-designed row of houses at 110-128 Congress Street in Cobble Hill. The plan consists of two parts—five new townhouses (the ones in the foreground of the above rendering) and four rowhouses which are to be restored and given rooftop additions (more visible in the rendering after the jump.) The plans were originally presented in September and sent back for tweaking after the LPC expressed a few concerns, most notably that the metal stoops lacked historical context. In response, Adjmi examined other metal stoops from Cobble Hill's past, and came back with a design that kept the stoops metal, but incorporated open risers and more decorative elements. He also lowered the parlor windows. The commission declared it "a seamless addition to the Cobble Hill Historic District."

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110-128 Congress Street

110-128 Congress Street, Brooklyn, NY