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Barclays Center Turns Park Slope Into a Huge Urinal

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It can be fun to give Park Slope residents a hard time about the litany of things they are forever complaining about—ice cream, school zones, people having sex and doing heroin in an alley next to an elementary school—but in this case, they may have a point. According to DNAinfo, Barclays Center visitors have been urinating all over the neighborhood, and local City Council members say "their offices have been flooded with complaints." (Ha, nice one.) This is something that people were worried about before the arena opened, and now it appears to be coming to fruition. Residents are telling horror stories about concertgoers relieving themselves on fences, sidewalks, and community gardens, and say that the area surrounding the center (as far away as Third Avenue) still stinks the next morning. "In New York City you don't accept that kind of uncivilized behavior," said one resident. But wait! It gets worse! Apparently, there have also been reports of public defecation, which—seriously? Ugh. Let's just shut the whole thing down. It was fun while it lasted, Barlcays Center. Sorry it didn't work out.
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Barclays Center

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