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Pythian Triplex Still Convinced It's Worth $18 Million

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This fairly unassuming 4,150-square-foot triplex in Lincoln Square's The Pythian, just re-listed for $18 million, may seem to be part of a recent trend, but make no mistake: jewelry desginer Aya Azrielant was listing apartments (well, one apartment) for far more than anyone could reasonably be expected to pay for them way before it was cool. This penthouse, which has mysteriously gained 850 square feet since its first listing in 2007 (perhaps they're counting the outdoor space now), first asked $18 million, went down to $16 million, was taken off the market for a few years, and returned last year for $20 million. From there it went back down to $16 million, was de-listed and re-listed a couple times, and now, for no reason whatsoever, has decided that $18 million is a fair compromise. Azrielant doesn't give up easily, but maybe she should.
· Listing: 135 West 70th Street #PHBC [Streeteasy]
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The Pythian

135 West 70th Street, New York, NY