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Myrtle Avenue Getting Second Rental Building by Catsimatidis

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Billionaire developer John Catsimatdis's grand plans for Myrtle Avenue seemed to have fizzled out with the completion of the Andrea more than two years ago, but not so! Brownstoner reports that plans for the development's second building, rendered above by Dattner Architects, have been filed (but disapproved) with the DOB. The 15-story, 205-unit structure will be located at 81 Fleet Place, and it will have 160,000 square feet of residential space and 13,000 square feet of commercial space.

The architects' website says the building will be a mix of studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments, with some duplexes. Many will have balconies or rooftop terraces, and a large terrace on the third floor will be for all residents. The building will also have underground parking. Below is a diagram showing 81 Fleet in relation to the other buildings by Catsimatdis. The only complete building is the Andrea, located on the corner of Ashland Place.

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