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Steel Magnate With $95M CPW Listing Buys Rothschild Mansion

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The Upper East Side's Rothschild Mansion sent us scrambling for the record books when it sold a few weeks ago after 2,282 days on the market. The Post unmasks the buyer as Leroy Schecter, the 85-year-old steel magnate who is currently seeking $95 million for his 35th-floor apartment at 15 Central Park West. Schecter combined 15 CPW apartments 35A and 35B to create his pad (previously rented to A-Rod), and perhaps the experience gave him a taste for renovation. He'll need it, as the Rothschild Mansion used to belong to a think tank and needs some TLC to be turned into a single-family mansion.
The 33-foot garden is a pretty good selling point?and so is the price. Schecter got the place for $25 million. That was its initial asking price in November 2005, but the price went as high as $33 million in the intervening years.

Here's the floorplan:

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41 East 70th Street

41 East 70th Street, New York, NY