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Construction Finally Starts at 341 Eastern Parkway

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Construction fences were erected around the 14,000-square-foot hole at 341 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights more than five years ago, and I Love Franklin Avenue brings word that work has finally started on the site. There's also a new flyer with an updated drawing of the building (above) that differs from designs we've seen in the past, and according to DOB records, it looks like Juan Defonseca replaced Gene Kaufman as the project architect. CPEX Real Estate, which created the flyer, is leasing the building's 7,361-square-foot retail space and 830-square-foot community space. Both are projected to be available for tenants by the third quarter of 2013. There's no new news on the residential portion of the building, but previous plans called for 63 rental units.
UPDATE: More poking around on the DOB site revealed that the permits for the plans originally filed have been renewed. This means there will be 8-stories, 65 units (with a live-in super), a rooftop terrace, an outdoor space and recreation room on the second floor, and the ground floor will have retail space and a "ambulatory diagnostic or treatment healthcare facility." We're guessing that's the "community space" that CPEX is advertising.
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341 Eastern Parkway

341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225