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Corbin Building Revealed; Buckyball Lands in Madison Sq. Park

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Yesterday, we asked for photos of the newly-unveiled Corbin building restoration, and like magic, they appeared in our inbox this morning. The eight-story building was built in 1889, and as part of the Fulton Center construction, it has been meticulously restored. Preservation Architect Page Cowley lead the makeover, working with the engineers at Arup. The team extensively researched original design drawings, century-old photographs, and building materials to accurately recreate its beauty. Behold its grandeur in the gallery above. Thanks to the tipsters who sent along photos! [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

FLATIRON?Madison Square Park's newest art installation arrived a week early. The 30-foot tall, LED-bedazzled Buckyball was installed last night, and it will be lighting up the park through February 2013. Artist Leo Villareal created the sculpture, and for the chemistry illiterate out there (hello!), a "buckyball" is a spherical fullerene molecule with the formula C60. Duh. [CurbedWire; MadPark News; previously]