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The Winning OHNY Poems; Queens West Library Dedication

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LONG ISLAND CITY?Queens residents have been waiting for more than six years for the Queens West Library designed by starchitect Stephen Holl. The opening is still three years away and construction hasn't even started, but public officials decided that this Friday would be a great time to dedicate the site and plant some trees. Why? "So they can watch them grow, as their new library grows." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

NEW YORK CITY?James Russell isn't the only poetic architecture-lover in New York. In our giveaway of OHNY VIP passes, we asked readers to submit their own poems about the OHNY site they'd like to see most. Click through for the two winning entries.

An Ode to West Park Presbyterian Church by Jeremy Willinger
I grew up on West 86th street
But there is a location not touched by my feet
On the corner, two avenues up
Sits a church that for decades looked untouched
Scaffolding rings it and the doors are shut
For years I have wondered, what is up?
Now with Open House N Y
I have an opportunity to find out why
I haven't yet been allowed inside
I am sure there is nothing to hide
But this neighborhood mystery will be revealed
On October 6, I won't be able to contain my zeal
I may even break out into song
After discovering what eluded me for so long.

A Haiku for the Gowanus by Anne Dunne
Gowanus Canal
Super Fund. Super Fun too!
Let's take a canoe

Keep hands in the boat
Paddle industrial murk
At the coolest site

Glide and Dredge Brooklyn
Liability Waiver
Open House New York