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Rothschild Mansion Sells After 2,282 Days on the Market

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The Rothschild Mansion at 41 East 70th Street has been on the market so long that it took first place on our list of Manhattan properties that just can't sell. But it sounds like there's a happy ending to the story. Bloomberg reports that someone has paid $25 million for the townhouse at last; according to StreetEasy, it spent 2,282 days on the market.

Since the place was first listed in November 2005, it has undergone a few epic PriceUppers and subsequent PriceChoppers. The place first asked $25 million, then $35 million, then $30 million, then $29.995 million, then $25.5 million, then $30 million again. And now we've come full circle to that first asking price again. We hope the buyer, whoever he or she is, is pleased with that.
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41 East 70th Street

41 East 70th Street, New York, NY