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Inside Three Tribeca Lofts, Open to World for One Afternoon

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Downstairs: giant playroom, with a computer terminal for each kid.
Downstairs: giant playroom, with a computer terminal for each kid.

[All photos by Will Femia.]

The Inside Tribeca Loft Tour is one of the year's coolest events for real estate nerds: 10 well-designed but lived-in Tribeca lofts open their doors to ticket-holders for a few hours one weekend. This year, the tour will be held from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 14?tickets are for sale online for $60 or on the day of the tour in Duane Park for $65?and proceeds benefit Duane Park. (The tour is also offering one non-Tribeca stop for an additional fee, a four-floor penthouse in the Financial District.) Curbed photog Will Femia took the loft tour in advance to snap some photos of three of the Tribeca apartments. In the gallery above, an eight-bedroom triplex that the owners built by buying up several more apartments around their original purchase. There's a movie theater and playroom, and an additional outdoor movie theater under construction.

Femia also visited this loft on Desbrosses Street:

And this one, on Hudson Street:

Another apartment on the tour, a loft on Murray Street, didn't allow photos, but tour reps passed along one shot of the apartment's rock wall. The owner and designer is Ildiko Sragli of Ildiko Designs:

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