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NYC's Floating Pool Seeks $1 Million, Plans May 2015 Opening

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It's a great morning to be a floating pool fan. The people behind +Pool, the proposed floating pool in the East River, have just launched a new funding campaign, seeking $1 million over the next six months. Why this is a good thing: because it brings that three-year timeline for the pool's creation a little closer to reality. The $1 million will be used for two major projects. First, some behind-the-scenes design and engineering work that will allow +Pool to get permits, and second, the construction of a prototype and public pavilion to open next summer. The pavilion "will be home to the in-situ testing of innovative filtration systems and will host a three-month forum including exhibitions, discussions and events that will make topics typically reserved for architects, engineers, scientists, and policy makers open to everybody." (The +Pool architects, from the firms Family and PlayLab, have already done about six weeks of filtration system testing.)

Assuming this funding round raises the hoped-for $1 million, the test pool and pavilion are tentatively scheduled to open in May 2013. The architects hope to have their site chosen by December 2013 and permits received by the following May, and construction could begin in August 2014. The?fingers-crossed?opening date: May 25, 2015.

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