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Owners Sue Subletters For $213,200 For Painting Walls

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Here's something to consider next time you're renting or subletting and you think about doing something crazy like hanging a picture up or—God forbid—painting a wall. The owners of a $3.3 million Tribeca apartment are suing their former subletters for $213,200 in damages and lost rent after the subletters painted all the walls "putrid ... eclectic" colors, the Post reports. According to the owners, the subletters, who subsequently bought the apartment next door, painted everything, including the mirrors, which sounds odd, but sure, okay. And that's not all! They also hung up "hundreds of pictures." Hundreds! And that's not all! They also did "about $150,000 worth of additional damage," which is apparently too difficult to even talk about, or offer any specifics on or anything. But it was probably really bad! It must have been, because getting a 3BR apartment repainted costs, what, $5,000? "They also left all their dirty dishes in the sink," the owners said, in our collective imagination. "It's going to cost at least $40,000 to have all these dishes washed!"
· Subletters sued over TriBeCa 'trash' pad [NYP]