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4,200-Square-Foot Soho Loft Wants $40,000/Month

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Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy recently listed their 42 Wooster Street apartment, complete with rotating breakfast bar, for $6 million. If you act now, though, and rent apartment #5 in the same building for $40,000, you still might have a chance of running into Danes in the lobby. And, as a bonus, you'll get 4,200 square feet of Soho loft (that comes out to $9.50 per square foot) decked out by a real live interior designer, Shamir Shah, who has some more ominously lit pictures of the place on his website. Who ever said it's hard to find a nice, spacious rental?
· Listing: 42 Wooster Street [Town]

42 Wooster Street

42 Wooster Street, New York, NY