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Park Slope's War on Dessert Continues With Fro-Yo Fury

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The battle against ice cream vendors in Prospect Park has subsided, but that doesn't mean Park Slope parents are giving up the war on dessert. DNAinfo reports that half a dozen new frozen yogurt shops have flooded the kid-filled 'hood, and parents are not happy about it. A sign announcing the forthcoming "Yogurtland" was graffitied with "WTF? Another one?" and a commenter on Here's Park Slope, complained "How many frozen yogurt places can Park Slopers handle? What's this place becoming? Land of designer pizzas and fro-yos? I should seriously consider moving to Carroll Gardens or Clinton Hill."

Park Slope parents have been pissed off a lot lately, for some (semi) understandable reasons: new school zones rocked their world, their neighborhood smells like a urinal, and these noisy chickens are a nuisance. But if frozen treats made from local Hudson Valley milk topped with artisanal toppings like buckwheat honey can't please Park Slope, can anything?
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