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Exploring the Eerily Empty Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital

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Steiner Studios has big plans to turn the crumbling Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Annex into a bright, modern media hub, but right now, the collapsing campus sits abandoned on 20 acres, slowing succumbing to the surrounding nature. Urban explorer and photographer 2e recently ventured onto the spooky site, capturing the veritable ghost town that could easily host a horror film. Endless hallways of broken doors, dense overgrowth, stagnant water, and peeling paint on collapsing walls all dominate the buildings, making the empty structures feel creepy even on a bright, sunny day.

Secluded Recesses of the Brooklyn Navy Yard - the Naval Hospital Annex from 2e on Vimeo.

2e spent most of his recent trip exploring the 60,000-square-foot main hospital building. The columned structure has more than 36 fireplaces and beautiful sky-lit stairwells, and even though it was cleared out and whitewashed not long ago, it looks like it's been untouched for decades.

Unlike the townhouses of Admiral's Row, the hospital annex buildings will be saved. Steiner's $400 million plan calls for them to be restored and used in the new complex. The developers are seeking $35 million from New York State and New York City and $2.5 million from the federal government, and Steiner has committed $346 million to the plan. The city is expected to give feedback on the proposal this fall. Once construction starts, it would take 12 years for the whole complex to be realized.
· From Weeds and Bricks to Media Hub in Brooklyn [NYT, August 2012]