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Action at the Sweater Factory Lofts; Staten Island Boat Tour

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GREENPOINT?A resident of 239 Banker Street, the infamous Sweater Factory lofts, sends word that construction has started in the building, despite expired permits and stop work orders. He writes:

Work restarted this morning: lots of workers all over the building working on apartments. Of particular interest were the bags of cement in the lobby ready to be turned into concrete, and a work permit that expired in July explicitly prohibiting concrete work. So they took down a STOP WORK order to put in an expired work permit that doesn't even permit them to do what they're doing in the building. What a goddamn mess.He also shared the above photos. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously] STATEN ISLAND?Circumnavigate the whole of Staten Island on a boat tour with the Museum of the City of New York on November 3rd. The three-hour trip will explore the shoreline's coves and lighthouses, as well as the site of the future 625-foot-tall observation wheel. The boat will head down the Kill van Kull tidal straight, passing by several marine service companies, and sail under the Bayonne, Goethals, Outerbridge Crossing and Verrazano-Narrows bridges. Historians, city planners, and waterfront professionals will be on board to guide the trip. [CurbedWire Inbox; tickets]

239 Banker Street

239 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222