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Orchard Street Hell Building Will Actually Look Like...This

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After rumors, rumors, and more rumors?now, at last, there's a little reality in the saga of the Orchard Street Hotel Building. Above, the Issac & Stern Architects design for the Hotel Indigo that will stand at 180 Orchard Street, spotted by The Lo-Down. The 350-room hotel will be 26 stories tall, which is perfectly legit according to zoning rules. So will the Orchard Street Hell Building maintain its streak as the Lower East Side's longest-running eyesore after all? Maybe so!

The Lo-Down notes that the same architects are also designing the planned but zombiefied hotel at 163 Orchard Street. The plan there is now for a 10-story building with just 33 suites. Happy Halloween!
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180 Orchard Street

180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002