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Find NYC's 500+ Privately Owned Public Spaces on This Map

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Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) came back into the news thanks to Occupy Wall Street, inspiring some debate about who owns these spaces and what should be done with them. After all, aside from Occupy Wall Street's encampment in Zuccotti Park, many of these spaces weren't actually being used. But maybe that would change if people actually knew where POPS were. Enter the Advocates for Privately Owned Public Spaces map, now in beta, which shows where more than 500 POPS are located in the city.

The Atlantic Cities has an overview of the APOPS map features, which include a page of ratings and site plans for each privately owned public space: "Think of it as Yelp for corporate plazas," as The Atlantic Cities puts it. Those reviews might not be so great, at least at first, because there's a long history of POPS not being used to their full potential, with parts of spaces often closed, bathroom access restricted, and some of the area given over to cafes and non-public uses. But perhaps that'll change with more attention to where the POPS actually are.
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