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Tribeca Condo Tenants Outraged Over 'Hijacked' Lobby Reno

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When the condo board of 44 Laight Street, a Tribeca factory conversion that opened in 2004, put forth a proposal to renovate the building's lobby, the unit owners voted in favor of the $150,000 plan on the basis that they would be included in the design process. Well, that didn't happen. Zoe Mandel, an eight-year tenant and former board member, sent Curbed the above photos of the new space, crying, "HELP! Our lobby was hijacked!" Mandel says the the board went $85K over budget and did not include the owners in designing the space, which now looks like "the inside of the Rock of Love tour bus" decked out in mustard yellow and red, with one wall covered in something glittery. It's worth noting that this is the same building that once asked for the cobblestones to be ripped out of the streets.

While the lobby decor is questionable, Mandel points out that there are a few technical issues as well: "There is no cart in the lobby anymore because it would possibly damage the new finishes and furniture. I thought a lobby is supposed to function as a lobby not a living room. The new package closet, when opened, completely obstructs the door to the first floor unit. The front and interior doors open in opposite directions."

Mandel shared the pictures on Facebook, and kindly shared the ensuing comments with Curbed. Here are a few gems:

"Home and Garden recently mentioned that the dungeon motif is making a strong comeback."

"What a hideous mess! Did a design student do this??"

"This looks like a strip club off the florida turnpike --how could do they this in Tribeca-why would the deciders want to lower the value of the building???"

"Where is the lava lamp, shag rug, black velvet art and bowl of keys?! You might want to use the back door until its redone...?"

Mandel also asked for your opinions, Curbed readers. So have at it in the comments.
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