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Big Reveal: $999K for a Renovated 2BR Condo in Gramercy

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The "second internal bedroom" was a bit of a puzzler in this week's Pricespotter, with a few people noting that it's probably not a legal second bedroom. But that didn't stop half a dozen people from correctly guessing the asking price of $999,000. The building, located at 312 East 22nd Street, is a few blocks from the "heart" of Gramercy (although the listing begs to differ), and it is indeed a walk-up without a doorman, as many speculated. Most people overestimated the price, but not by much with the highest guess (discounting this guess of 5 quintillion) coming in at $1.99M. Congrats to guest #3, who correctly named the price first. Thanks for playing!
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