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The Top 5 Cat Amenities That, In All Fairness, Should Exist

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Dog amenities are all the rage these days, from dog walking to doggy spas to canine concierges. But not everybody is a dog person, so what about the felines? Are they not equally deserving of ridiculous luxuries? In order to assist cat-minded developers of the future, we've compiled a few possible kitty amenities for New York's number one nonexistent building aimed at cat lovers. We're calling it "The Cat's Cradle of Civilization."

1) Mice
Cats love mice, and the Cradle would have tons of them. Shipping the rodents in specially probably wouldn't even be necessary; it would simply be a requirement that all residents leave their dirty dishes out for at least a week before cleaning them. Dropping food on the floor and failing to pick it up would also be encouraged.

2) Rays of Light
Another thing that cats love is basking in rays of light. That's why all the building's walls and ceilings would be punctuated randomly by holes of varying shapes and sizes. The holes could also serve as entry points for the mice, making them double amenities.

3) Do-It-Yourself Spa
If the dogs get spas, cats should get spas, too. What's fair is fair. Just because cats are smarter and more civilized than dogs and they don't need humans to clean them, that doesn't mean they should be deprived of all the comforts a spa can offer. In this case, those comforts would mostly consist of a bunch of booths where the cats could go and perform their self-grooming. There would also be a fish bar.

4) Yarn Room
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Cats like to play with yarn. There would be a room with a bunch of yarn in it. Super easy. Why does every building not already have one of these?

5) Lasagna
Our extensive research into cat-related texts reveals that the one thing cats prize above everything else is lasagna. (They also hate Mondays!) Not only would the Cradle employ a full-time lasagna chef, but parts of the lobby would be literally made out of lasagna. Again, this would do wonders for the rodent situation.
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