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Soros Heir's Village Townhouse Listed for $29.5 Million

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A mid-19th century four-story townhouse on West 10th Street was listed yesterday for $29,500,000. The 21 room (7BR, 8.5BA), 26-foot wide house was purchased by Andrea Soros Colombel, daughter of billionaire George Soros, in 2006 for $11,500,000 and given a thorough renovating. The finished product features triple exposures on every floor, three wood burning fireplaces, and an extremely solid red room (red rooms are especially delightful when they seem to have no intended purpose whatsoever other than being very red) as well as an elevator, fitness room, and state-of-the-art sound and security systems. Unfortunately, no floorplan is provided, but the pictures are fun enough for the time being.
· Listing: 10 West 10th Street [Corcoran]