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Buy This Devonshire House Condo Before Alec Baldwin Gets It

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Alec Baldwin's Devonshire House apartment is like an amoeba. With no clearly defined size or shape, it simply envelopes surrounding apartments into its cell membrane. Baldwin's apartment has yet to expand below the 12th floor of the building, but who knows—the appearance of #11E on the market may be too much for its contractile vacuole to resist. The only way that this apartment can be saved is if somebody buys it for $6,750,000, a solid 65 percent more than what the 2,250-square-foot 3BR sold for just two years ago. This isn't the first attempted flip in the building this year. Are Baldwin's neighbors trying to get away from him, or do they simply figure that having him around increases their resale values?

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Devonshire House

28 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003