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Comedian Andy Borowitz Picks Up a Classic 7 for $2.635M

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Upper West Side co-op the Clebourne just got a little bit funnier. Comedian Andy Borowitz and his wife just bought a classic 7 in the building at 924 West End Avenue for $2.635 million. The apartment, listed for $2.695M, sits in the south east corner of the building on a higher floor, giving it views of Central Park. The living room has custom shelving for a library, and the kitchen is outfitted with glass-paneled cabinetry and a banquette bench in the breakfast area. It comes with a Viking stove, Bosch dishwasher, and the maid's room has a washer/dryer. It's all very...normal, and well, classic, and honestly not really what we pegged Borowitz for. We wonder if he takes co-op/condo boards as seriously as Joan Rivers.

And we'll leave you with this: The Clebourne was built on the site of a mansion that was owned by a couple who died on the Titanic.
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