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Seeking Funds to Chronicle the History of NYC's Street Names

The latest NYC-themed Kickstarter focuses on that confusing, fascinating aspect of NYC history: street names. Don Rogerson has launched a campaign seeking $2,670 for an alphabetical guide to NYC's street names. The book will include not only current streets but, cross-referenced, historic streets that have vanished from NYC's memory. Rogerson's already done with a first draft, sourced from city records, memoirs, maps, and newspapers, and plans to finish the book by spring 2013. The Kickstarter is at $1,168, and backers have a shot at a paperback copy.

Gothamists points out that the curious?and cheapskates?can also follow Rogerson's journey on his blog. We've already learned all kinds of things we didn't know about the illuminated street signs of 1899.
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