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834 Fifth Duplex Sells for $24M After a Year On the Market

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When you have a name like Phillippe Laffont, only the grandest of New York buildings will suffice as a home. Preferably one stuffed full of other billionaires, so you can compare your solid gold money clips bursting with Benjamins. Thus was clearly the thinking of Mr. Laffont when he purchased the 15-room duplex at 834 Fifth Avenue?home to Rubert Murdoch, Charles Schwab, Alfred Taubman, and others?for $24 million, a million dollars more than the most recent asking price. The unit came on the market more than a year ago for $27.5 million, then saw a few pricechops, bringing the most recent ask to $23M. The home has a paneled library, carved mahogany doors, a wine cellar, three bedrooms, and a whopping seven staff rooms. But most important, does it come with the herons?
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834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY