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Bloomberg Ex-Wife's Ex-Penthouse Gets $5.8 Million PriceUp

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After Susan Bloomberg, ex-wife of that guy who did that thing with the soda, upped the ask on her Andre Balazs-designed One Kenmare Square penthouse from $11.5 million to $13 million in 2011, the apartment promptly soldfor $11.6 million. Perhaps whoever bought the place is now going for a similar strategy. That buyer, known only as Cirrus 210 LLC, re-listed the 4,472-square-foot (with almost an equal amount of terrace space) penthouse in May of last year for $13 million, and today, inexplicably, listed it again for $18,800,000. That's 45 percent more than what it was listed for as recently as July and 62 percent more than the amount it cost the current owner to buy the apartment less than a year ago. As far as changes to the interior go, from the looks of the listing photos, the bright colors of the Bloomberg era are gone. In fact, it seems that every trace of color has been removed altogether.

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One Kenmare Square

210 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012