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Park Avenue Court Condo Gets All Philosophical, Wants $15M

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"What makes a great room GREAT??" the brokerbabble for #22AB in Park Avenue Court begins, existentially. After running through a couple possibilities—expansiveness, ceiling height, light, views—the brokerbabble moves on to an even deeper question: "And what makes an apartment GREAT??" But it doesn't stop there, blowing our collective mind a couple sentences later with, "And then what is beyond GREAT??" Woah. This one might have given us many a sleepless night, but the brokers are kind enough to provide the answer. Apparently, buying this 3,765-square-foot 4BR for $14,900,000 and then paying $14,157 in monthly costs is beyond great. But...wait—what is beyond beyond great?

· Listing: 120 East 87th Street #22AB [Corcoran]
· Park Avenue Court coverage [Curbed]

120 East 87th Street

120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128