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One57 Crane Collapses With 'Big Boom' in Midtown

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Things are getting real out there, folks. A One57 construction crane has collapsed and is now dangling in the wind outside the Midtown building. "Just happened," notes the tipster behind the above shot. "Big boom." The building is in the midst of getting glassed. As for the unfinished apartments that wind is whistling through, one of 'em sold for more than $90 million. Got a different view of the site? Our mailbox is open.

UPDATE: One57 developer Gary Barnett tells the Observer "we don't know anything yet....We're doing everything we can, and hopefully no one is going to get hurt."

UPDATE 2: Twitter user @cmwdotme spotted the crane through a telescope:

UPDATE 3, 4:22 PM: NBC is reporting that three buildings on 57th Street, including a hotel, are being evacuated.

A tipster sends along an image of the dangling crane from the 70th floor of Metropolitan Tower across the street. "So far they haven't evacuated, but staying clear of the front half of apartment," says our tipster. Stay safe, 57th Streeters.

UPDATE 4, 6:08 PM: Residents of the Osborne, across the street from One57, have been evacuated, according to a resident tipster.

Here's another picture showing that dangling crane and the in-progress glass:

And here's a fuller view:

UPDATE 4, 7:49 PM: The crane will be secured once winds have died down, Mayor Bloomberg's office tells NY1. The crane was last inspected Friday, a construction manager from Bovis Lend Lease tells the Times, and engineers and the DOB are working on "measures that can be taken on a temporary basis to secure the boom and crane structure."
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