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Raphael De Niro Sells His Own Apartment For $3.45 Million

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Broker-to-the-crazy Raphael De Niro is used to selling other peoples' apartments, and now he's sold his own, a 2,500-square-foot 3BR in the Winka Dubbledam-designed 497 Greenwich Street. Even more impressively, he did it without even having to resort to claiming that it was built by a fictional industrialist. De Niro bought the place in 2009 for $2,900,000 and, although the apartment didn't quite reach its $3,700,000 asking price this time around, it still managed to fetch Raphael and his wife (also a broker) a solid $550,000 profit, selling for $3,450,000. Maybe De Niro was plotting the flip all along, or maybe he just had to get rid of the apartment quickly so that his dad wouldn't be able to show up asking to sleep on the couch.

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497 Greenwich Street

497 Greenwich Street, New York , NY 10013