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Is Glassy 220 St. Nicholas Avenue Headed for Foreclosure?

Harlem's 220 St. Nicholas Avenue never listed any units after getting its glass in January 2011. Though the building was originally planned as a condo, the rumor this summer was that the building would come back as rentals, eventually. Or will it?! A tipster tells us, "I see a legal notice on p. A25 of the times regarding a $12 million judgment and foreclosure against 220 Saint Nicholas Partners LLC." We knew dead-tree editions of newspapers were still good for something!

PropertyShark shows several lis pendens filings?the first step on the long road to foreclosure?but the most recent filing was in October 2010. The timeline for the building's return as rentals was already "it will be a long time before the building opens," so?not much has changed. Any additional intel? Please be in touch with the tipline.
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220 St. Nicholas

220 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY