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New Yorkers Dream of Bigger Apartments, Literally

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The tiny size of New York apartments is one of our city's biggest cliches, and as much as we say it doesn't bother us, the desire for more space has a clear affect on our subconscious. A psychoanalyst told the Journal that recurring dreams of discovering an extra room or closet are incredibly common. One person repeatedly discovers a giant new room begging for a makeover, another consistently found "a warren of 20 rooms elaborately decorated in a Moroccan theme." "I discover an entire wing of a mansion, complete with a grand ballroom the size of a Wal-Mart," writes the author."

Given that the average New York home is 1,200-square-feet, half the national average, dreams of bigger apartments are not surprising. Plus, that extra room costs more than $600K, or an additional $1,200 a month if you're a renter. But on the bright side, our small spaces have kept our waistlines small?as the size of U.S. homes ballooned over the last 40 years, Americans responded in kind by gaining an average of 25 pounds.
While discovering the wing of a mansion is unlikely, some people have found more space. An entire two-lane bowling alley was found in the basement of a house in Ridgewood, and a walk-in storage space was uncovered behind a hanging fabric in a 10-room apartment on the Upper East Side. Have a story of miraculously discovering more space in your apartment? Let us know in the comments!
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Photo by Troy McCullough/Curbed Flickr pool