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Williamsburg Waterfront Residents Have No Wish to Evacuate

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A police car drove around the Williamsburg waterfront yesterday afternoon, issuing a mandatory evacuation order via loudspeaker recording, but most residents of Zone A towers The Edge and Northside Piers decided to stay put in the face of a potential class B misdemeanor charge. (As did the residents of many other Zone A buildings?or they left the lights on.) The Observer wandered over to the building before the 7 p.m. elevator shutdown deadline, after which no one would be allowed in or out of the Edge or Northside Piers. They ran into residents who perfectly fulfilled building stereotype: "I just got these kick ass new stereo speakers and I am going to listen to those until the power runs out," said Jim Butler, one Edge resident. "Then I'm going to read and look at my art books. I'll live by candle light, get in touch with my 19th Century self." Naturally. At Northside Piers, said one 26th-floor resident, "I think our Toll Brothers construction can hold up to the task." Others might disagree.
?Photo of Zone A building via Twitter/Anna Holmes
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