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Record Exec's Penthouse Returns to Market For $10 Million

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The 944 Park Avenue penthouse that once belonged to Alan Meltzer, CEO and founder of Wind-Up Records (whose most famous groups include Creed and Evanescence) is back on the market after a brief respite and small pricechop. The duplex apartment, ownership of which had already transferred to Meltzer's ex-wife before his sudden death last October, had been listed a month prior for $12 million. The ask was reduced to $10,995,000 earlier this year before it was delisted last month and then re-listed yesterday for $9,995,000. The penthouse includes 2,738 square feet of interior space and three terraces, totaling another 2,350 square feet. If you buy it, though, don't expect to replace Meltzer in the eyes of the building's doorman, to whom Meltzer left $500,000 in his will (he also left his chauffeur $1,000,000) prompting his ex-wife to tell the Post, "He could fuck a nun. I couldn't give a shit."

· Listing: 944 Park Avenue #PH [REIG]