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Gottlieb Empire Will Redo Meatpacking District's Pastis

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The estate of Bill Gottleib?a rather notorious property hoarder most active in the West Village?has its hands in MePa, too. William Gottlieb Real Estate owns 406 West 13th Street and 9-11 Ninth Avenue, the home of Pastis, and will be giving the buildings a bit of a makeover in concert with Aurora Capital Associates, according to the Post. The future design of the property, by architect Peter Wormser, is rendered at right.

The buildings will get five or six additional stories thanks to 100,000 square feet of air rights. The lower facade won't be ignored?it's headed for a restoration, too. The Ninth Avenue buildings used to belong to the Astor clan, and 406 West 13th Street was built in 1847 as a Greek Revival row house, so the whole thing will need Landmarks Preservation Commission approval. Bets on the likelihood of that?
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