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Developer Abandons Greenpoint Hospital Housing Conversion

Bad things happen when developers break the rules. TNS Great American Construction Corp. had to pull out of the $52 million redevelopment plan for the Greenpoint Hospital because its senior executive was indicted on bribery charges. The developer had been selected by the city to turn the main hospital building, which has sat empty since 1982, into 240 units of affordable housing. The bidding process dragged on for decades, and TNS was finally chosen two years ago. Brooklyn Paper reports that the city says they must restart the bidding process, but the community thinks that's ridiculous because two local groups had also wanted to take on the project. One of the groups, St. Nick's Alliance, even sued the city when TNS was selected, charging that officials picked an unqualified applicant. HPD maintains that a fully bidding process is the only fair way to proceed.

St. Nick's, a Williamsburg-based nonprofit, already revitalized a few of the buildings on the hospital campus, and a theater group is hoping to use the outpatient building for an immersive performance. Hopefully it won't be another 20 years before a developer, one who won't take bribes or underpay workers, tackles the main building.
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Photo via Nathan Kensinger