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A Colorful Kaleidoscope of New Yorkers' Complaints

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Brooklyn is dirty, Manhattan is loud, and the Bronx has a graffiti problem?at least that's the picture painted by two years of 311 calls. Media artist Dietmar Offenhuber used the 311 data to map out our complaints into a pretty kaleidoscope of colors. Green corresponds to noise, blue means litter, and red represents graffiti. From the top of Central Park to the tip of downtown, Manhattanites can't stand the noise, and the pricier neighborhoods in Brooklyn (Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope) all want things to be quieter, too.

There's a significant patch of red in Chinatown showing the area struggles with graffiti, as do Bushwick and Corona. The Atlantic Cities notes that in Brooklyn, graffiti complaints seem to follow the subway lines. As for Queens, Staten Island, and south Brooklyn, they all have a garbage problem. You can zoom in on the map above to see what your block hates the most.
· Map of the Day: New York's Geography of Complaining [The Atlantic Cities]