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By the Way, People Are Still Upset About Slope School Zones

It's hard to think about things other than the hurricane aftermath, but in Park Slope, there's always room to think about the school rezoning that might take some kids out of the popular P.S. 321. This time, Slope parents?and the Times?are concerned about a city-wide rule that allows children to stay enrolled at any public school at which they register, even if they no longer live in the school zone. Parents whose blocks are facing rezoning feel that those other families?the ones whose habitation in the neighborhood only lasts long enough to complete school registration?aren't playing fair.

There's limited evidence for the impact of register-and-go families on the need to rezone the schools, though. School officials actually blame new construction. But since plenty of parents who've remained in the P.S. 321 zone are probably the owners or renters of apartments in new buildings, non-zone residents make for easier scapegoats.
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