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Northside Piers Saved By Prudent Moat Construction

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A tipster sent in this picture along with a note thanking the Toll Brothers and Douglaston Development Group for having the foresight to dig out a huge moat around the Northside Piers 3 construction site, which broke ground in August after a very long delay. The moat, as you can see, worked amazingly well, and someone definitely deserves to be lauded for their hurricane preparedness—possibly not the Toll Brothers, who, last we heard, weren't involved with the construction of this tower, but certainly Douglaston and maybe partners RD Management and L&M Development Partners as well. Who knows—this might even change the narrative from Northside Piers was constructed incredibly slowly to Northside Piers was constructed incredibly carefully. (And it could draw attention away from the name "1 North 4th Place.") "Most residents confused the recent construction activity for a gaudy development," our tipster writes, "yet, thanks to Hurricane Sandy we now know the truth - without their dirt clearing efforts, both towers of NSP would now be overrun with water from the East River!" We're not sure how this highly effective moat negates the gaudiness of the development, but well done nonetheless.
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