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One57 Crane Collapse Sends Neighbors Fleeing Midtown

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The construction crane at One57 collapsed yesterday amid Hurricane Sandy's raging winds. The streets were closed off and residents of nearby buildings were evacuated in case the crane fell; it couldn't be secured until the winds died down. The Post has a video, which we've posted above, of the moment when the crane keeled over. DOB complaints about the crane include an August stop-work order for hydraulic leaks and a defective hoist, but Mayor Bloomberg also said "a strange gust of wind" could be responsible for yesterday's collapse.

Friend of Curbed Michael Gross was among those evacuated due to the crane collapse, so we asked him about the experience:

"Not much of an experience. Just fdny saying don't flee...don't flee...flee! Several generous friends offering beds. A fast packing job. One nasty cop. One amazing good Samaritan cabbie who seemed to be ferrying refugees all over the place (several from the Parker Meridien). The worst part was all afternoon, trying to write, but instead running back and forth to the tv to see if the sword of Garocles was falling. Once they said "get out" it was kind of a relief. It will be even better when we can go back though It will likely be a long time before I look up at the Towering Infernal again without wonder what other surprise Extell might drop on my head." UPDATE: Mayor Bloomberg says the crane is now stable, but it's still too windy to secure it.

A tipster also sends along this photo of the moment of collapse:

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