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Surveying Sandy's Damage to the South Street Seaport

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The Seaport, located within Zone A, suffered much flooding during Sandy, and now has the same kind of post-apocalyptic feel to it as Red Hook, Dumbo, and Gowanus. Curbed boss Lockhart Steele took some photos of the neighborhood between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. yesterday, after the waters had receded but with the water lines still evident. Got more photos from downtown? Please send them our way.

Lobby of 24 Peck Slip, with water line above six feet. Note drowned motorcycle:

247 Water Street put up a few rows of sandbag, but as the water line shows, it wasn't enough.

Unfortunate situation on Water Street.

Signage down at The Blue School -- the Blue Man Group's newish preschool -- on Water Street.

Water and Beekman Streets.

Peck Slip, where the persistent construction debris made a bad situation worse.

Water line on the iconic Peck Slip trump l'oeil of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Best Western Seaport Hotel, closed.

Water line at South Street and Dover Street.

Fulton Mall, damp but relatively unscathed. Note smashed windows at Ann Taylor.

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