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When Monsters Attack New York's Multi-Million Dollar Homes

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Giant spiders dangle from trees. Deformed zombies crawl down the stairs. Cobwebs take over the windows. We're not describing a horror film, just some of the most expensive houses in New York City dressed to the nines for Halloween. Don't be dismayed if your DIY pumpkin decorations pale in comparison?most of these Tim Burton-esque displays are the product of professional designers and hundreds of dollars. Curbed intern Emily Laskodi wandered through the Upper East and West Sides and parts of Brooklyn to check out the creepiest, most elaborate set-ups. Since these photos were taken pre-Hurricane Sandy, the decorations may not look quite so awesome anymore, but we hope the homeowners protected the decor enough to keep the Halloween fun up for tonight's trick-or-treaters.
· A Nightmare on Park Avenue [NYT]