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Of Course There Are Couches for Evacuees on Craigslist

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A crisis brings out the best in many. It also brings out a bunch of people trying to make a quick buck by renting their couches on Craigslist to people whose homes have become uninhabitable. So helpful! If you live in Red Hook, for instance, and you don't have a bunch of money to drop on a fancy hotel, you could just take the subway bus walk up to Flushing, Queens, where a kind gentleman is offering a hobbit-sized couch (pictured) for $30 per night. And that's not even the worst one.

This guy is no dummy. He knows that a lot of people have been stranded by this hurricane and that, statistically speaking, some of them are bound to be cute girls. And what better conditions exist for getting a cute girl into your bed than when she's already lost her own bed? Answer: no better conditions. Because she needs a bed. And then what could be even better than getting a cute girl in your bed? Her giving you a hundred dollars, that's what. The perfect plan for the perfect storm.

A futon in a kitchen in Harlem is available for $40/night. Bills fans are probably preferred.

In Long Island, this poster is looking for a female with a small child. It's unclear whether money is involved, so this one might just be really nice. Or really weird.

For $80/night, you can live in Astoria with a bunny named Mr. Spock. Okay, that actually sounds great.
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