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Big Reveal: $959K for a 2BR With a Terrace in Dumbo

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Readers were quick to identify yesterday's PriceSpotter apartment as a unit at 133 Water Street in Dumbo. Most guesses were close to the actual price of $959,000, with many people guessing less than that because of the building's location and the lack of photos of the terrace. Those who thought the terrace must be a piece of crap, good job! The terrace pretty much touches the building next door (photo evidence after the jump). As for the commenter who speculated that the quadruple-paned windows must mean the building is right under the bridge, right again! It is. There was no real winner this week, but we'll give the honors to guest #2, who named the building and estimated the price to be between $950K and $970K. Thanks for playing!

Yikes! Read more about the then/now situation here.
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133 Water Street

133 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY