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Central Park West's Craziest Apartment Goes At Last for $8M

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The chapel at 455 Central Park West, perhaps the quirkiest unit in a building with a colorful history as a cancer hospital-turned-nursing home-turned residences, has also had, well, an unusual experience with the sales market. It was listed for $17.5 million in 2008, chopped to $12.5 million, and then went on and off the market while renting for somewhere around $25,000/month. At last, a buyer has picked up the place?for a mere $8 million, according to public records spotted by The Real Deal. This gets a PriceChopper Hall of Fame honorable mention, no?
The seller, banker Dan Lufkin, paid only $5.8 million for the apartment. But then he apparently put?sunk is probably a better word in this context?another $5 million into a renovation. The result involved antique French stone floors and gold-leafed walls, which are never really bad things.

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455 Central Park West

455 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025