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Laureate Penthouse Re-Listed For $14 Million

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Exactly one year ago today, #PH6A in The Laureate, the Upper West Side's collection of "Westchester homes piled one on top of the other," sold for $10,004,000. Today, the new owner (shielded by an LLC) celebrated that anniversary by re-listing the apartment for $14,900,000, because, hey, why not? Just because it took the place the better part of a year to sell the last time around, that's no reason why the only person willing to pay over $10 million for it shouldn't just immediately scoop up a 49 percent return on investment, is it? Oh, it is? You don't say. The floorplan doesn't look any different, but...maybe it got some new paint or something?

· Listing: 2150 Broadway #PH6A [Halstead]
· The Laureate coverage [Curbed]

The Laureate

2150 broadway, New York, NY