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SHoP Architects Tapped to Design the MLS Flushing Stadium

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With the Barclays Center finished and the Atlantic Yards towers on the way, SHoP Architects have been busy picking up a couple more mega projects. Last week, it was announced that SHoP is designing the hotel and outlet mall for the Staten Island observation wheel, and today, Capital reports that SHoP is working on the initial designs for the possible Major League Soccer stadium in Flushing. We compared the project to Barclays Center before, but now this just feels like déjà vu. SHoP declined to comment in Capital's article, but MLS officials confirmed that the firm is working on designs. SHoP has already weathered one sports arena-related storm of community backlash, so perhaps MLS thought they'd be best prepared for the job since the neighbors are already picking a fight.

Originally, MLS said the stadium would create 2,000 construction jobs, 300 permanent full-time jobs, and 900 part-time jobs, but those numbers have changed. Capital reports that now the construction jobs have increased to between 2,100-2,3000, and the permanent jobs have decreased to 160 and part-time dropped to 750. MLS also estimates that it needs a whopping 4,400 parking spaces, with 300 of those set aside for players and VIPs.

For now, we'll be anxiously awaiting the SHoP-designed renderings. Will it be a rust-sheathed beast? Will it be topped with a green roof? Will it be built from modular pods? One can only imagine.
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