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Glassy Upper East Side Townhouse Sells At a Big Discount

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The listing for 250 East 68th Street described it, right until the bitter end, as a "Modern Masterpiece." That actually sort of makes sense when you consider that many great masters go completely unappreciated during their lifetimes—just as Van Gogh managed to sell only two of his 2,000 paintings before dying at age 37, this townhouse was pricechopped eleven times since being listed last February and finally sold for $6,500,000, 68 percent of its original $9.5 million ask. At five stories and 5,500 square feet, the house did have some things to offer that could have potentially offset its extremely regrettable exterior. Just not that much. Perhaps, as with Van Gogh, history will judge the glassy facade more favorably. Then again, probably not.

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