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Get Locked Up In A Rikers Island Prison Cell?In Soho

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A jail cell isn't something one would expect to find on the cobblestone streets of Soho, but starting October 15, that's exactly what will be occupying Petrosino Square. Its prisoners? Anyone who dares to enter. The 9-foot-tall triangular cell created by artist Jessica Feldman will be a replica of those at Rikers Island, meant to simulate the living conditions of inmates. Titled "The Glass Sea," the cell will be 15-feet wide, with a sloping roof ranging from 9 feet to 5 feet high, according to DNAinfo. Three people will fit inside, where a video showing the daily life of a prisoner plays on a loop.

Unsurprisingly, many Soho residents are not pleased that the cell will be occupying the triangular park located between Spring Street, Lafayette Street, and Cleveland Place, arguing that the work doesn't reference the neighborhood. The artwork's title, replaces the sculpture of the hyperrealistic sleeping woman, and it will be on view through November 25 everyday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
· Prison Cell Replica is Latest Public Art Headed to SoHo [DNAinfo]
Artist's rendering via DNAinfo