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Artist's Fort Greene Combo House Asks an Incredible $10M

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Architect David Fratianne combined a 19th century schoolhouse and a more modern four-story townhouse to create this 10,550-square-foot property at 81 Hanson Place in Fort Greene, newly on the market for a whopping $10 million. Fratianne did so at the behest of homeowner David Salle, who purchased the two buildings for $700,000 in 2001. Salle, an artist with some pretty major accolades, likes "up-and-coming" neighborhoods: he bought and renovated a loft in Tribeca in the 1980s before turning his attention to Fort Greene in the early 2000s. Of course, the ask now is far beyond up-and-coming?a $10M price tag makes the place the most expensive in Fort Greene (the next priciest building on the market is only $3.25 million) and one of the most expensive in the borough.
The brokerbabble slacks off by saying the house has "too many features to mention." A few of those: the double-height living room, the artist's loft, the private indoor parking, and the gym. The residential portion of the live/work space is in the stucco and zinc townhouse, while the work portion is the schoolhouse, according to the architect's write-up. The Times has a bit more detail:

The master bedroom and en-suite bath take up the entire third floor of the town house. Bordered by a landscaped terrace at one end and a Zen garden at the other, it is a blend of minimalism and eco-chic. The indoor/outdoor design extends to the shower and Japanese soaking tub in the master bath, which opens onto the terrace and can be viewed through a glass wall from the bedroom....Two more terraces act as bookends on the top floor, which includes another bedroom, a full bath and a sitting room with a wood-burning stove. Photos and floorplans are in the gallery above. Will this place get anything near its asking price?

UPDATE: Designer Christian Hubert was also involved with the project, and actually brought Fratianne on board. Curbed regrets the omission.
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